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String Spheres

March 22, 2011

A fun project with always good results… A hollow sphere mad of string, with interesting web-like patterns.

You will need string, small inflatable balloons (the kind used for water bombs) and vinilic glue (like vinavil).

Inflate a balloon until it has the desired size and a somehow spherical shape. Soak the string in the vinilic glue, then wrap it around the balloon. Try to obtain a random pattern without using too much string (the sparser is the surface, the better will look). Let it rest some minutes then, for added strength, with a brush add some more vinilic glue to the wrapped string. Then, let it dry overnight. The next day, pop the ballon and the string sphere will be ready (after some cleaning of vinilic residues).

What to do with these things? well, if it’s Christmas time, paint them and use them as a tree decoration… Anyway, they can be used in floral compositions, creative decorations  in general and, my favorite… build a kinetic sculpture to be used as a lamp shade (which gives ever changing fancy shade patterns on the walls).


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  1. lillaccia permalink

    I like these….can I have an incredibly huge one????

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