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VideoGame office wall art

March 22, 2011

I work in a very large building, which interior has probably been designed by the most boring architect on earth… all the corridors look exactly the same. Our lab try to customize the corridors in our area using posters of our work… but, still, it’s work-related :(. I wanted to add something different.

Using post-it I composed a Super Mario sprite, one post-it for each pixel. The scheme was extracted from the original NES sprite (the famous mid-jump pose). I could not find post-it of the correct color (in reality, the reason was more like that these fluorescent colors were on sale), but the result was nevertheless quite nice.

Following this 8-bit nostalgia, I grabbed some plastic sheet, leftover of some lab activity and cut from it shapes from old videogames: Pacman and Asteroids. The shape were then attached to the wall using biadhesive tape. It was just a five-minutes work (and the shapes are quite rough), but the result was good. Interesting enough, the biahdesive tape allowed people to remove and re-position the shapes… I noticed in the following days that people passing in the corridor moved some of the asteroids (and the pacman ghosts)…

I have to say that people of the building liked the idea quite much… in the first few day I heard people passing by commenting (in a positive way) about the wall decorations, and lot of people from other corridors come to see them. How much they lasted ? quite a while… I feared the the post-it glue would fail in a couple of days (stuck on a wall, with lots of people passing by) but actually resisted three months and, surprisingly, in all this time none of the people in the building picked the post-its.

I intended this to be a temporary thing and so, after three months, when post-it and tape glue were starting to fail, I removed everithing.

One Comment
  1. Andrea Venturi permalink

    I just remembered it!

    I’ll reproduce it in my room.



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