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Space Invaders roller painter

March 23, 2011

Well, the idea was easy: starting from a paint roller, carve the roll sponge with the pattern of the alien ships of Space Invaders to quickly decorate boring walls.

I prepared an SVG with the pattern of the alien ships, scaled to the size of the roll and printed it out. I had then to carve the pattern on the roll sponge… First method: I wrapped the printed pattern on the roll and then, using a very sharp razor blade, carved through the printed pattern into the sponge. Unexpected problem: the sponge was much softer than I imagined, making it really hard to follow the pattern lines. I somehow managed to finish the work, but with lots of problems; I had to find an alternative method.

Second method: having cut the stencil, I traced the pattern on the roll and then cut the sponge using a blade heated up on a flame. In this way it was easier to follow the lines precisely. However, also in this case the softness of the sponge was a problem.

I then tested the two rolls on a wall with some acrylic paint. The result: somehow disappointing 😦

The first method produced a roll with lot of distortion (lower row) and not really defined on borders. The second method produced a more defined print (upper row), good enough from afar but, at close inspection, with lots of problems.

I’ll return to his project when I’ll find a stiffer roll to carve (and another idea on how to precisely carve it)…


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