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UK trip

April 19, 2011

I spent the entire past week at the EuroGraphics 2011 conference, held in Llandudno, uk. So, I could not work on any of my ongoing DIY projects… On the other hand, I had the opportunity of visiting stores and shops quite different from the usual ones I frequent, hoping to find some materials for projects… here is what I found:

  • SPORKS: which is, basically, a mix of a spoon and a kork. Beside boing a fascinating object, in the computer science / geek community, sporks have become a source of endless jokes and memes [1] [2] [3] … what will I do wit these (120) sporks ? You’ll see it soon…
  • POLYMORPH PLASTIC: a polymer which melts at 60° celsius, which can be hand sculpted and reused multiple times… Ideal for building small pieces for DIY projects, or even some scupted mini-figures.

  • two veeery small pieces of MALACHITE from the great Orme Mine… These will probably not be used in future projects… they are for my collection, but I am proud of finding them in just few minutes.

Additionally, my luggage has become much more heavier due to other random items, among which: DVDs, seashells, books, ammo for my NERF gun, assorted candy, some tweezers, mini led torches, more candy…

Again, small discount shops, everything-for -1-pound (or for 1 euro) and low cost home depots are incredible places for scavenging materials… they are basically filled with low-cost crappy objects which, per se, are nothing special, bu can be easily disassembled in basic components usable in many different projects…

Too bad i could not find any shop with some interesting LOMO / retro cameras…


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