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Portal Frenzy: the stickers

May 6, 2011

I cannot stress enough you all on how Portal and Portal 2 are really really great games… The release of Portal 2 has made me fall in a frenzy for all things related to this game… the great Jonathan Coulton songs, the pre-release “commercials” videos, the graphic design of the Aperture Science facility…

So, while i’m gathering materials for a larger portal-related project (soon, on this pages), here is a small thing I prepared for the “decoration”of the spaces around me… In my office building lots rooms have been reassigned due to space reallocation between groups; this resulted in many office cleaned and, of course, in lot of accumulated stuff thrown away… It’s obvious that i’m going from time to time searching in the piles of throw-away stuff hoping to find something useful. Among the latest findings, I retrieved a huge pack of old printable stickers (the kind used some time ago for labeling things). The perfect support for a portal-themed sticker !

I got from the web an image of the well known warning icons used in the test chambers. In InskScape, after some try with different parameters, I was able to transform those bitmaps into a vector-based graphic for a crisper printing (from the menu Paths -> Trace Bitmap). InkScape is a terrible, buggy program, with an interface designed by a blind monkey in a bad day…. however, after some cursing at the snap system, I was able to compose eight stickers with the Aperture Laboratories logo and two of the warning signs each.

I then printed out some sheets of stickers and, exploiting the fact that on Saturday noone is in the offices, I attached the stickers here and ther on walls, inside bathrooms, on billboards… I am not entirely sure the people in the building will appreciate this…. well… we’ll see 🙂


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