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Dr. Zoidberg Cosplay

May 19, 2011

There is a large comic convention (Lucca Comics) near where I live, with lots of people participating in the cosplay event. After years going there to see (and take photos), I decided to jump the fence and do a costume run myself. A couple years ago I prepared a simple Rorschach costume (from Watchmen)… and last year I decided to go for something more difficult… my personal hero…  Dr. Zoidberg (from Futurama)

The key part of the costume is obviously the head. I wanted to make a mask which was resilient and easily fitted my head, without being too rigid. I started with a Balaclava (AKA sky mask AKA “passamontagna”) with he idea of covering it with red duct tape, this would keep the thing flexible and have a more “organic” look than papier-mache or plastic. You will need to use duct tape already colored, since normal paint will not stick to duct tape… I found it quite easily at a hardware store. I firstly covered the balaclave with silver tape (cheaper) until the general shape was ok, and used the red tape for the “coloring” layer.

In order to make the mask easily wereable, I cut the back side of the balaclava and attached to it velcro strips. To do this I followed this method: put on the balaclava, cover it with duct tape to have the initial shape, then, realize you cannot take the damn thing off… call for a friend… let him stop laughing at your situation… and ask him to cut it the back side. The result was a seam in the back which could be opened to help putting on and removing the mask. The velcro strip helped keeping the seam less visible.

The front tentacles are made using a pair of gloves: you need two gloves (cutting index & medium finger from each one), since the four tentacles need to be symmetric. I stuffed the fingers with cotton (to prevent collapsing) and covered them with duct tape. Finally, I attached them over the mouth (leaving an opening for breathing). My original idea was to use those plastic gloves used for washing dishes, but the color and texture did not matched the rest of the face, so I used this other solution.

The eyes are a white plastic ball, cut in half with a hole for the pupil. These “eyeballs” are attached to the mask using more duct tape, shaped as the eyebrow and the. Yes, this limits a lot the available field of view, but they look great!

The hands are just a large piece of red felt: cut to shape, hand-stiched and reversed to obtain a “glove”. They can be used just on top of your hands or, to obtain a  better grip between the felt and the hand, wearing underneath a thin pair of fabric gloves.

For the feet, I used a pair of neoprene sock, the kind used by scuba divers (the convention was last november, so it was quite cold without it), on top of which I put a pair of long red socks. I completed it with an extra large flip-flop.

I borrowed the   and the blue scrubs are just…. ehm…. well….. a pyjama. Since I could not find a real scrub, I had to go with this surrogate (but the color was ok).

I was ready for the convention…. and…. everyone LOVED IT !!! People of every age and gender greeted me happily, and I spent the day with people asking to take a photo with me 🙂 (it never happens in my real life).

The downside was, after a day of  “crab dance” pose, my legs hurt like crazy 🙂 🙂


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  1. Omg! Your Zoidberg came out awesome! I did Zoidberg too and I like how mine came out, but yours looks amazing 😀

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