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Seashell Shadowbox

June 27, 2011

A combination of lots to do at work, and having some ongoing DIY projects stuck for technical difficulties, resulted in a slowing down of posts… So, while I am trying to finish one of those ongoing projects, I’ll post an old crafted object…


During a vacation in Croatia, in a souvenir shop, I saw a wall decoration made using three seashells encased in a wooden frame which, as I later discovered, is called a “shadowbox”. The box had three compartments, each one containing a seashell, on a blue background, with small painted bubbles. I do not know exactly why, but I liked this object quite much… Again, seems that I am, from time to time, attracted to slightly kitsch objects. I did not buy it for various reasons (too costly for its value, too fragile to carry around, not much space in the car), but I resolved to build one myself. Generally this kind of resolutions go wasted; however, in this case, I did build it some weeks later.

The thing that makes me proud of this piece is the fact that I build it entirely from scratch: measured and cut the wood, built the box with nails and wood glue, painted it and attached the seashells (I also cut the front glass to measure).  And, by the way, the seashells do come from Croatia, so it’s like the original :).

As I said, I was pretty pleased with the result… however, the girl I built it for (nowadays, she would be catalogued as an “it’s complicated” relationship) simply said that she did not like objects made with seashells. The piece than remained in my room at home for some time; later on, a colleague were complaining that she had nothing to hang on her office walls. I promptly presented her this object (with no secondary objectives, just to be friendly): she hanged in her office, but when she moved to another office she left it behind 😦 😦 … So, it seems that none beside me do like this piece…. well… here it is the full story, love it or hate it, I built it.


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