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Crowning of a Boss

August 1, 2011

While writing my previous post, I remembered that I already made a funny celebrative hat before… so, I found the topic for this new post…

At that time, the recipient of this un-useful project was the head of my lab, when he got promoted to the head of the entire institute I work in. Since it was an important promotion, I wanted to present him a gift fit for a king: a crown, a scepter and a globe… (it was also an inside joke about the old head of the institute, which had the manners of a monarch, more than a boss).

Th crown body is the side band of a very cheap flour sifter. Why a sifter? my original plan was to cut a strip of plastic and shape it, but in the first shop I visited to search for materials, I found this sifter… so… why should I bother building a band, if I could get an already made one? After cutting the sifting mesh (and filing down all the sharp corners), I had my base for the crown body.
For the spikes, I followed my original idea: I found a sheet of plastic, cut it and glued it to the crown body. The small half-cylinders in the front, separating the spikes are wooden frame borders (easily found in DIY and craft stores), cut and glued to the crown body.
I attached to the crown also some glass beads (in place of gems) and some flat metal decoration (the kind used to craft beads jewelry).

For the scepter, the plan was to use the end-pieces of curtain rods… In any home depot or DIY store there are tens of different designs, from a simple sphere to more elaborate flowers/symbols/whatever. The good thing is they all come with a socket where the curtain rod fit: building a scepter is just a matter of having a foot-long wooden (or metal) stick, find an elaborate end-piece for the top and a simple, geometrical end piece for the bottom, put everything together and paint it!.
For the decoration on the shaft I used a lead-like relief tape, the one used to create a fake stained glass effect. It is basically a soft metal profile with an adhesive tape on its back. It is a fast and effective way to add some relief decoration, much more regular than trying to lay down a relief paint…

Finding a good sphere was not easy… after visiting some random shops, I found this “decorative metal spheres” that had a good size and were very solid (beside being cheap). I cut a rectangular hole using a Dremel, and I put inside the hole a cross made of plywood, gluing it on the inside.
Once again, the relief are made using the fake-lead relief tape. I also added another emtal decoration in front of the cross.

I wrote the name of the institute (ISTI) with black relief paint on the front of the three objects (yes, having an institute named ISTI seems like a joke, especially because the italian for institute is ISTItuto… but I swear this is the real name).   All three objects have then been spray-painted gold, then painted with a couple layers of glossy varnish (gold spray paint comes off easily).


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