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Round Earrings

October 26, 2011

More or less one year ago, I found an excellent tutorial online to build these simple but effective earrings. Since I did not bookmarked it (wrong move), I forgot where I found it, and now (as often happens) I’m unable to find it again.
So, since I found the pattern great (and used it a lot) I’m posting my version of the tutorial…  Maybe somehow I’ll be able to trace back the original one (you may help me find it, or the guy itself may find this page).

Start from a copper wire of around 0.5 – 0.7mm in diameter (not too large, otherwise it will be a pain to bend it, not too small, or the earring will deform when used). Form a coil around a cylindrical object of the desired size; anything will do… I used the cardboard tube from kitchen aluminium foil roll. The coils should be tight and precise, pull firmly the end to ensure a well stretched wire. When choosing the size, remember the coil will open up a bit when removed from the support.

From the formed wire, cut pieces that are more or less one and three-quarter rounds (see in the image below).

Now, the bends… Starting from the middle of the wire, bend the front wire down and then up again, forming a U inside the circle. Where the right part of the U touch again the circle, wind it up around the circle. Do two or three tight rounds, then cut the excess. Now, take the rear end of the wire just after the winding, bend it up and then own, to create an upside down U just above the previous one, and wind it up against the circle where it touches it. Again, do two or three tight rounds, then cut the excess.

The lower U can be used to attach beads, while the upside-down one will be used to fix the hook. This simple frame can be decorated in many ways, always resulting in simple, elegant earrings (hey… round earrings are always trendy).

With a rubber hammer you can work-harden the circle, if you do believe it’s still too soft; avoid hammering the loops and windings at the top, that part is already hard enough.
If you want to place beads so that the copper circle pass trough them, you need to do it BEFORE start bending it. This project can also be done with silver wire, which is normally harder, and will keep the shape even without work-hardening it.


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