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3-Rings pendant(s)

November 15, 2011

Again, I wanted to prepare a gift for a friend’s birthday… Again, I had no idea of what to do… Then, the very evening before, I was able to put together this two pendants.

I had these six rings around in my spare pieces box. The dark ones are Ferrite, the silver-ish are Aluminium. Ferrite is a strange material, used mainly in industrial magnets and electro-magnetic interference shielding. Touching it, its grain, temperature and weight… they just feel weird, something between a metal and a stone. It’s really lightweight and quite durable… It reminds me of JET (a kind of fossil wood used in jewelry). The machined aluminium is really shiny and has a “brushed” pattern which really catch the eye.

Where did I found such rings? strangely enough, they are the spacers between disks inside hard drives. A hard drive, internally, has generally more than one “data” disk, and they are spaced by very precisely machined metal rings. The fact that they are extremely precise and sturdy, makes them good for DIY jewelry and other projects. The only problem is that, in order to open a hard drive, you’ll need a special screwdriver with a 6-pointed-star point called TORX. Luckily, they are easy to find in hardware stores.

Building the pendants was easy and really quick, using bronze jump rings. I chose bronze to have a contrasting color (it worked better on the black set… I should have used an even darker color on the aluminium set). As visible in the scheme above, the jump rings connect one of the big rings to the next one, leaving some freedom of movement. I then attached two more bronze rings on the topmost ring and used these two to attach an orange glass bead (to give more of the contrasting color) and the neck cord.

Ah, just a note: I presented her one of the two pendants, but also showed the other, making her pick the one she liked most. She opted for the dark one. I have two more birthdays coming up… I wonder what I’ll do next…

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  1. lillaccia permalink

    cool… as usual!xxx

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