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Photographic Project: Tiny Snowmen

January 2, 2012

I’m still in the process of setting up the new house, and most of my stuff is still packed, but I wanted to post something new, in the meantime so, typing from the floor of my new living room, here is a short post, perfect for this season !
Last year, it snowed a good deal while I was at my parents’ house, but I knew it won’t last long… While admiring the layer of snow from the wndow, I got this idea of making tiny snowmen and take photos of them in some strange pose.
The idea, in principle, was good… however, I had with me just an old compact camera, and shooting small objects in the snow proved to be too much for its firmware 🙂 Taking photos in the snow it’s not easy, since the metering system start to get crazy; some cameras have a special “snow” mode, to overcome this, but in my camera, this mode was not able to take photos of _small_ objects (like my subjects)… so the results ar not great… But, still, acceptable to present the project.

The snowmen are just two small balls of snow, modeleld by hand. The cyan eyes are just pins transfixing the head, while the black with the pupil-like silver spots are small beads, again, transfixed by pins. Pins are also used to fix a stick-shaped red bead in the palce of the mouth. With a bit of photoshop, it is easy to remove any visible part of the pin sticking out from the back of the head, or the grey pinhead in the middle of the mouth.

Setting the skiing scene is also quite simple: the hands are toothpicks cut and shaped, the sticks are straightened paperclips, the flags, again toothpicks with a small paper triangle. The skis are two small piece of wood coffee stirrers (first, use the skis to do the the ski-marks, then, place the skis in the correct spot and put the snoman on top).  Ah, I almost forgot, the snowy slope is just…. the windshield of my car 🙂 🙂 🙂

I did the stup and the photos in a very short time, like 20-30 minutes. For the time and resources invested, this was a fun project… too bad for the crappy camera. I had in mind other possible scenes to setup, but the first photos taken made me change my mind. The lesson is, plan ahead and wait for the next snow…

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