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Cappuccino Stencil

March 15, 2012

Long time, no see… I was busy setting up my new house and, while the task is not finished yet, it starts looking like a house and not like a hermit hut. So, I have time to resume my projects, starting from a simple one (most of my materials are still packed up).

In the last few months I took the habit of having a cappuccino with a friend in the morning at the cafeteria at work, and occurred to me I could make the thing more fancy by making stencils for sprinkling cocoa in a specific shape: what i need was a Cappuccino Stencil !

Of course, you may buy them online, but it is easy to make your own. The material needed: a cup to use a template for the size, a cutting board (to avoid cutting the new table), a set of sharp crafting blades (X-Acto knives, if you live in UK or US)  and, for the stencil itself, a thin plastic placemat. These plastic placemats are ideal for this project, since they are thin but extremely resilient, the plastic is safe for food usage and they can be washed easily. The color is not important, you will work on the white side anyway.

With a pencil, trace the circle of the cup, and sketch three-four protruding rectangles around the circle. These addition will help handling the stencil and can be curved down to better center and hold the stencil on the cup. Cut following the line, until the blank stencil detach from the mat. Again, with a pencil, sketch the shape of the stencil and cut it precisely with the knife. Aaaaand you’re done… it won’t take more than 15 minutes to prepare one from start to finish (depending on the complexity of the stencil and your cutting skill).

There are a lot of stencils available as images on the web, and it is possible to scale and print them as a template, but I wanted to do something from scratch. I started from a good luck 4-leafed clover, then I carved the “mandatory” hearts, a cluster of stars and a crown (I tried also to do a queen-style crown, like in the chess pieces, but turned out really ugly…).

The same process may also be used to build custom-shaped BOKEH, for your photography projects; however, you will need to find a piece of black plastic, in order to better shield the light… But this may be the topic of a future post 🙂

I tried the stencils the next morning… with mixed success… they work, but you need that the cocoa at your cafeteria is not too clumped up due to humidity (like in my case), otherwise the shapes will appear a bit jagged. Anyway, for something done in more or less one hour (taking in account photos for the blog and cleaning up), the result is good. They may be used as a gift, since it is possible to choose the perfect image for the recipient :).


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