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Clockwork heart…

October 19, 2012

My tiny clockwork heart
is made of stone, and shiny steel
and old brass gears, with scratched teeth
but still, it beats

This is something else that came out from my experiment with alabaster. One of the raw pieces I started from had a shape that just begged to be turned into a heart. Yes, terribly boring… However, I believe I’ve found a way to make it slightly less conventional giving it a steampunk twist. It is not really a pendant, because drilling a hole trough it for a cord will ruin its shape, so I think I’ll keep it as it is now, maybe I’ll put it in a small frame (possibly, steampunk-themed too) to be hanged.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my grand-grandfather had a clock shop, and at home I still have some of the clocks and watches he was not able to repair because well beyond any hope. I disassembled one to get some interesting components, with an idea of using them in some jewelry project, but ended in using some pieces on the alabaster heart… their shiny metal surface really stand out from the unpolished white translucent stone, and I am really pleased with he final effect.

The screws and gears are fitted into small holes I carved on the surface using a small hand-drill, and secured with a drop of superglue. The watch had screws of at least six different sizes and shapes, I just selected flat-headed ones, larger on the upper part of the heart, and smaller on the lower part, to better flow with the heart shape. The same for gears, I just selected three that could somehow fit together on the flat part of the right side. Of course, the gears are not in the correct order of the original gear train, but they look good enough arranged in this way.


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