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Bone Twisted Pendant – Birthday #3

December 13, 2012

This is the last of the three pendants prepared as Birthday gifts… As said in the last post, this was the second one I prepared, but due to problems in the mail delivery, only now reached its destination (I was getting worried it got lost somewhere, and that I should have to make another one). The shape is a Maori Twist, or Pikorua… A traditional shape of Maori culture. The pendant has been carved in camel bone. I was happy with the result, and she was happy of the gift (here is a photo she sent me)…


As I’ve already said, I bought the bone blanks on eBay… they were good quality, but a bit thin… So, even if the shape turned out well, it was not possible to carve a completely three-dimensional piece. Ideally, where the design overlaps, the carving should have an empty space separating the two “leaves” (and not being like a bas-relief like in this case).

twistA_small twistC_small twistB_small

Anyway, the carving process is the same described in the last post: sketch the design on a blank, cut it, roughly shape it with a belt sander, drill the holes, and then finish carving it with files, chisels, scrapers and a dremel tool. Finally, polishing it. The string, in this case, is simply a double waxed cord.


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