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An ambient lamp (using Christmas lights)

January 3, 2013

An extremely simple project, but with a really useful outcome. Remember all those Christmas light decorations that have been plaguing all the shops/supermarkets since November? chances are they are still there, but on 50%-75% sale. The perfect time to buy one (long) strand of small lights (possibly led, to save electricity), and stuff it into a simple glass vase, possibly without decorations (a basic geometric shape like a cylinder, a box, a truncated cone will do nicely)… what will you obtain? a wonderful ambient light!

ambient_lamp_small ambient_lampB_small

I’m not the kind of person turning my house in a freak light-show for the seasonal holidays… but I’ve always appreciated the availability of cheap lights. The simple geometric shape of the vase and the random tangle of wire and lights make this lamp a simple but effective way to add some ambient light in a room… This lamp produces a subtle lighting with a nice random pattern, enough to brighten up a dark spot in a room, or to give a contrasting illumination to an element of furniture.

strand_small vase_small

If you are able to find them, there are also light strands which have a clear/transparent plastic wire covering (instead of dark green, like I used)… They will be almost invisible with the lights on, and will give the lamp the look of a vase full of fireflies (oooh.. nice). With dark green wires, it looks more like a strange light-emitting plant (which is not bad at all). Try to avoid those light strands with a flashing circuit at the end: when turned on, they generally have as default a very annoying flashing pattern, and this makes more complex to use them as a lamp. Colored lights are also an option, if they fit well in the color scheme of the room. As a final idea, you can also use a large glass jar with a lid… this is even more glass-jar-of-fairy-fireflies-like.


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