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Two Vegetable Ivory Pendants

March 25, 2013

Here are two more vegetable ivory pendants, both finished quite recently. I’m slowly getting the hang of tagua carving, but it still takes ages to complete one. One looks like a skeleton fish, the other one… I’m not really sure what it does look like but, still, it’s not bad.

skellyfish_A_small esprit_A_small

The fish is the second half of the first nut I carved (here), and it was a pure experiment, I just wanted to use it as scrap material, and kept carving to get the feel of it. However, at one point, the thing started looking like a fish. So, I decided to make it a piece. I left some scratches here and there, I believe they add to the “old bones” look.

skellyfish_C_small skellyfish_B_small skellyfish_D_small

The other one comes from a very thin nut (it is basically the whole nut, with just the back part scraped away). Again, I carved without a precise idea, and this is the result, after some time. In this case, some of the curves have been defined initially using a belt sander and a rotary tool.

esprit_D_small esprit_C_small esprit_B_small

This time, I tried adding a bit of color to the pendants: when the pieces were almost ready to be buffed and polished, I started coating the entire piece with brown drawing ink. I let it dry and then sanded the entire piece with a very fine grain abrasive pad. I repeated the process 2-3 times, and then, after a final ink coat and almost no sanding, started polishing it. The polishing removed the ink from all over the raised areas, but let the ink define details. In the second pendant, I tried giving some texture on the two round notches: with files and a scraper, I created some parallel scratches, which were filled by the ink, creating a nice effect.


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